About Me

About Me, How 2 Mummy

Hey, I’m Nikki!

Welcome to How 2 Mummy! I’m happy and excited to have you here. This site is a safe place for me and others, and as time passes, hopefully for you too to talk about the sensitive part of pregnancy and parenting. The topics you don’t usually read on other mummy blogs because they are not click-worthy.

Here, you can laugh about things that some would never share, feel happy and sad at the same time because others go through horror that you didn’t, and educate yourself about topics that are really important when raising kids.

You can become a Mummy here with me!

I’m a first time mummy, expecting twins. Double the trouble, double the joy. My pregnancy is complicated and very hard, and I’m not afraid of sharing this with you because this is real. I promise to only show you what’s real, because this is how blogging, or writing itself worth it for me…

And with real you can expect mistakes. You can expect hard times, and tears, and joy over the smallest things. I’d love to have you here as someone to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, and I promise I’ll also be here for you, whether you need information about preparing for a new baby/ or babies, or supplies to keep your children entertained.

If you fall, I can lift you up!

I’m also happy to share my expertise with you, which you can read more about in the Work With Me! section.

Come join me on Facebook and Pinterest as well! Whenever you need to tell me something, leave a comment, or contact me here!

I’ll be here for you…