The Funniest Reasons Pregnant Women Cried About

Have you ever cried for no reason during pregnancy? You must read these hilarious stories, then! I bet you will laugh really hard... these women are emotional, theirpregnancy hormones are high, and they are real. Admit it, you've been there too! #pregnancyhormones #funnystories #pregnancystories #whyicriedtoday #cryingfornoreason #pregnant #crying

You must’ve heard some of those stories where pregnant women went crazy over the smallest things.

Maybe you have your own hilarious story… (in that case, don’t forget to share it with me in the comments!)

Pregnancy hormones are no joke!

When we are creating a new life – or the legs or the ears of said new life – we are miracle makers. Artists of life with a tick!

And everybody has their ticks during pregnancy.

My Food!

“One day, I was cooking spaghetti, which, by the way, was the only food I could manage to keep down with my HG. Pasta, but not too much of it. I had a dream the previous night that I was eating the pasta, just gulping it up like no one’s business, one by one, enjoying how long it took to finish because it was the whole length. Like in Lady and the Tramp, only much better, because it was ALL MINE!

I left the spaghetti on the stove after the water started boiling, and went to sit down and rest. 15 minutes later when I went to the kitchen I’ve seen it was all wrong! The pasta, my long, intact pasta was broken! I started crying like a maniac, demanding my husband telling me what happened.

He said: I’ve seen a big chunk of the pasta sticking out and I’ve thought it will never be ready and cook properly, so I wanted to help you out. Oooh, no reason to cry, you’re welcome!

My babies were really fussy, even when they were only in my tummy. There was only a handful type of meals I could eat, and they always demanded it at the same time, like the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple of days and then they changed to another meal and I ate it for days.

The only thing seemed to stick was bread. Toasted sandwiches in the morning… divine! My morning sickness always came in the afternoon and stuck around until the evening, so I could only eat at 12 pm last and then nothing for the next morning. You can imagine, I always woke up around 2-3 am, starving to death.

This actual morning I woke up to find out my husband ate my last piece of bread. I stormed to the bedroom, woke him up, and started investigating how this could happen. At the point he confessed what I knew, that he ate my last piece of bread, I had a proper meltdown. He felt really guilty, trying to make it up for me saying we can go to the shop first thing in the morning. I was inconsolable. And this is how we went to the nearest 24 hours supermarket at 2:30 am to buy bread.”

Have you ever cried for no reason during pregnancy? You must read these hilarious stories, then! I bet you will laugh really hard... these women are emotional, theirpregnancy hormones are high, and they are real. Admit it, you've been there too! #pregnancyhormones #funnystories #pregnancystories #whyicriedtoday #cryingfornoreason #pregnant #crying

“I asked my husband to pick up some blueberry muffins on his way home. He got raspberry ones. I looked at him like he was the devil himself, bawling the whole time I was eating those muffins.”

“One day, I cried heavily when my nachos was over. I finished them all alone.”

“I hated the taste of water when I was pregnant. I had to drink flavoured water or water mixed with squash. I specifically liked a lemon and lime flavoured water.

One evening I remember we were sitting on the couch with my husband and I was just thinking that’s my last bottle of water next to my leg on the floor, I had to get more the next day. All of a sudden, my husband bends down, picks up the bottle and starts drinking it. My eyes almost popped out, but I was trying to keep my calm. He was amazing during the whole time of my pregnancy and did everything to please me. But that was my water, I had to say something!

I mentioned to him quietly that it was the last bottle. He immediately put it down and I started crying straight away feeling so selfish and unreasonable, asking him to drink more because I felt so guilty for not wanting to share.”



“I was scrolling over Facebook when this video popped up about a bird and a snake having a fight. The snake caught the bird and I started crying thinking the bird must’ve had a family to go home to, little birdies in the nest to feed, and now what’s going to happen to them?!

Eventually, the bird got out and flew away. I cried even heavier feeling sorry for the snake that’s just missed his lunch!”

“It was the end of winter when I found out a pigeon moved to the outside of our window sill. I truly hated him because he always started coo-ing first thing in the morning when I had the best sleep.

One evening, the pigeon didn’t come home. I was waiting, sitting at the edge of my bed for hours before I went to sleep in the night looking out and wondering where he could be. I went to bed eventually and first thing in the morning I checked if he came later, but he never showed up. I ugly cried for two days.”

I was in tears talking to the cat, begging her to forgive me for all the reasons I was angry at her before, for not giving her food first thing in the morning but making my tea instead, for trying to tell her she cannot sleep on the bed when we first got her and being horrible to her overall so many times. I just wanted a hug from her but she wasn’t in the mood to cuddle. This is what my husband and son came home to…


Pile Of Emotions

“When I was pregnant, I could cry over anything, almost every day. It was like a sobbing marathon. Usually, I cried because I felt overwhelmed, then I cried for being able to feel so much, and then I ended up crying more because I felt silly crying for no justifiable reason.”

“I cried because one night, my friend couldn’t come over – she was busy. When I put down the phone and had to explain it to my husband, I cried again. A week later, thinking about it, I cried once more. My husband went out with his friend the next evening, and I, again, ended up in tears. I mentioned it to my mum over the phone a couple of days later, just to cry some more…”

crying cartoon

Things Go Wrong

“My all-time favorite TV show is FRIENDS. They were playing it on a channel when I was pregnant and I loved ending my day sitting on the sofa watching the newest episode of Friends (mind you, I’ve seen them all a couple of dozens time). I knew THE BEST episode is coming up in a week and I was so excited!

The night I sat down watching it, waiting for that said episode, I found out for some reason they jumped over it. I wept like it was the end of the world… even though I could just turn on Netflix and watch that part easily.”

“The batteries died in the remote. I couldn’t get up to change the channel.”

Before my pregnancy, I was having a bath all the time. It was my hobby. I found out that you’re not supposed to have a hot bath, especially at the beginning of the pregnancy, and I didn’t want to risk it. I missed it every day, and as I got closer and closer to delivering my baby, one day I gave in and made myself the perfect bath with bubbles and salts and candles and music. I immediately felt so relaxed and calm, I couldn’t believe how much I missed it.

Then I almost flooded the house because I couldn’t get out by myself and that made me cry so heavily.”

stuck in bath can't get out

Insert Your Story

Make sure you check in and send me your story! I promise we can cry-laugh-cry-freak out over it together!

If you have a friend in desperate need of a laugh, make sure you share this post with them! Thanks a million!

Have you ever cried for no reason during pregnancy? You must read these hilarious stories, then! I bet you will laugh really hard... these women are emotional, theirpregnancy hormones are high, and they are real. Admit it, you've been there too! #pregnancyhormones #funnystories #pregnancystories #whyicriedtoday #cryingfornoreason #pregnant #crying

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