Tired of Fighting for Blog Traffic? Don’t Give Up Before You’ve Read This!

Have you recently started your new blog?

Are you writing content as it’s “written in the book” (or on Elna’s blog) but not getting the results you were hoping for?

Feeling like you’d rather give up?

Leave it to the pros who are prettier, have more beautiful homes and take better pictures of their children?

Are you a new blogger? Trying to figure out everything? Amazed by how the pros generate so much traffic on their sites? Doing what they say but no results yet? Don’t give up before you’ve read this post! You’ll see you can do it! #newblogger #bloggingtips #blogtraffic

I honestly think you shouldn’t!

Come with me for a read-through of this post! I promise it’s not your everyday “how to increase blog traffic” or “how to make money blogging”!

As you can see, my blog is absolutely new.

I’m only trying to understand SEO. I don’t have an email list yet.

My pins on Pinterest are not cohesive.

I tend to pair up colours and pictures that might don’t really match.

I feel like I’m simply trying to figure out what to post on my Facebook page so it’s not all about the blog and it’s not boring, but matches my style.

I have no Instagram or Twitter account, I’m only on Pinterest and, as I mentioned, Facebook.

As I write this right now, I have 7 posts on my blog in different, not relating topics (like Nannying and Wellbeing).

My Pinterest statistics look like this: I have 44 followers and I follow 44. I have 5.5k monthly unique viewers.

My Pinterest statistics

My Facebook numbers: 31 followers, 11 posts, 2 likes. Those 2 likes are not even on the same post.

I write my heart out here and there, and also share entertaining videos, but nobody seems to care.

I think we can agree that I’m an absolute beginner.

So now that I shared the insights into my statistics and how they convert to nearly nothing at the moment, you are right to ask me what do I want with this post?!

How do I want to tell you and others why not to give up?

I keep going every day, because I have something that cannot be measured in numbers, you can’t draw it onto charts.

I have my heart in this blog, and I have my attitude set right.

You see, in life, everything is about how you look at the situation.

Most of the times when you’re struggling or down, all you really need is a new point of view, a change of mindset.

Now I’m not going to get into cheerleader mode and copy some motivational trainers here, I promise!

I’ll simply tell you how a little bit of change in your attitude can help you keep going.

It helps me every day.

Your Blog as a Business

Think about your blog as a business. As an investment. When you buy your domain, you invest in its future.

When you write a new post, you’re one step closer to find your voice.

When you get a new follower, you have one more chance to grab someone’s attention.

When you’re learning about SEO, you’re learning something new that people pay a massive amount to become experts in.

Designing images is something others study at a school for years!

If you’re here, you’re most likely a mum who’s trying to make money blogging.

Let me ask you, how much did you pay to study your first profession? The one you live out of at the moment, or as you would introduce yourself?

Count the years too!

You see, this is a profession. Some people write better, some people create better images or can compose a better blog post.

That is absolutely fine, if you’re a teacher, I’m sure you had those colleagues that were just naturally really good with kids, for example. Maybe you are that person!

Everyone is good at something, and there will always be people who are better at what you’re doing, and people that are worse.

The way you can truly measure how far you get is to compare yourself to yourself only!

Where were you yesterday, last week? Do you have more blog posts or Instagram pictures or Facebook posts? A larger number of Pinterest pins?

Then you are improving!

Did you connect to more mums or bloggers?

You are making significant steps!

Every new business needs investment and usually a couple of years to generate profit.

I know a lot of bloggers show you how they earned a big sum of money in a couple of months, but that’s them.

Compare yourself to yourself while you are learning from them!

And give yourself the time while you’re putting the work into your new blog baby… you will be grateful to yourself later!

Create a Plan is NOT a Cliche!

If you spent half as much time reading posts on “how to write a blog post” or “how to monetize your blog” or “what to blog about” or “how to build your email list” or “how to build traffic” etc, the chances are that this is just coming out on your ears by now.

However, don’t just fly away yet!

Are you a new blogger? Trying to figure out everything? Amazed by how the pros generate so much traffic on their sites? Doing what they say but no results yet? Don’t give up before you’ve read this post! You’ll see you can do it! #newblogger #bloggingtips #blogtraffic

The truth is that you need a plan!

You need to delegate hours of your time daily to your blog!

That’s how it’s going to work!

If you don’t have hours, however, then start slowly…

You’re not happy with your traffic, I get it.

Then start with what they said in those “create a plan for your blog” posts!

Get into Facebook groups:

These are groups with a high number of bloggers and other mums and creatives in them, with whom you can socialize with, ask questions from and you also get the chance to share your blog posts and other social media content in consideration with their rules.

Just spend a couple of minutes every day getting into these groups and find their daily challenge (if they have) and share your newest pin so others can re-pin it. This goes to any other sort of content too, your blog and Facebook posts!

Seeing the number of your followers increasing will motivate you, even if you know you asked for it.

Hey, this is exactly what those bloggers talk about!

The chances are, you need some “like for like” type of followers and engagement to make sure your message gets to your audience!

If you want to be an actor, you won’t get there by hiding behind the curtains, right?!

Consistency is Important!

I’ve done quite some free courses since I started blogging. In one of them, they mention that for example on Pinterest, you should share 70% of others content and 30% of your own.

Let me tell you, I honestly didn’t have 30% of content to share.

I ended up sharing about 5 pins a day – I made sure the quality was good and it interested me.

And some days, I shared my own new pin I created.

I didn’t even know it’s part of a strategy to reshare your own pins from time to time!

I’ll go further, I had no idea that you should create more than one pinnable images for your posts!

I was happy I created one that I liked, and that was it. I shared it once and clapped my hands together as work well done.

No, it doesn’t end there.

I think, especially when you start out, the majority of your time will go into promoting yourself.

You need to spend time every day on posting new content on your Facebook page.

You can take this free course that will help you: How to Build a Loyal Tribe on Social Media in Less Time

Be Your Own Self

Don’t start advertising like the pros!

If you do, the chance you burn out and start hating this whole thing is far too big, unless that’s what you feel comfortable with!

Write about something that interests you.

There are massive lists out there about what to blog about.

Search through them and write out the ideas you like.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried out this Content Idea Generator. I wrote out some ideas from the results (and had great fun reading them).

I’m not inspired by them anymore.

However, I took Suzi’s free course on Start a Mom Blog called The Blog Plan, and it truly inspired me and I keep going back to the list I created during the course!

I even printed out parts of the printables to use.

Join the blog plan

Suzi doesn’t know me at all, and has no clue I’ve done her course and truly thinking about taking her course Blog By Number.

Yet I cannot thank her enough. She feels so natural and honest to me with all the little flaws, that I’m truly connected.

I’m even planning on writing a review of the free course just because I loved it so much!

Find your inspiration, find who can help you and keep going back to their blog and read their posts!

Leave a comment there! They will appreciate, and you won’t be shorter by giving someone some nice words.

You need encouragement too!

And don’t forget, you will only find your voice if you use it!

Don’t worry about if you want to write a post that doesn’t match your niche.

Your blog isn’t set in stone.

You can change it however and whenever you want!

Every little step takes you closer to your goal. Be smart and brave, and keep on creating your dream! And if you liked this post, give it some love, share it on your social media accounts and leave a comment for me! ❤

Are you a new blogger? Trying to figure out everything? Amazed by how the pros generate so much traffic on their sites? Doing what they say but no results yet? Don’t give up before you’ve read this post! You’ll see you can do it! #newblogger #bloggingtips #blogtraffic

4 thoughts on “Tired of Fighting for Blog Traffic? Don’t Give Up Before You’ve Read This!

  1. Thank you for writing this! So many “how to blog” posts simply talk about how they were successful and generated a massive income in a few short months. I know other people, like myself, struggle. It’s nice seeing someone else admit it! I read somewhere that most people don’t start seeing real impact and traffic on their blogs until about 8 months. That has kept me going. Like you suggested, I do what I can, when I can. So long as I am doing something with my blog I know I’m making progress! Thank you again!

    1. Hey Trina, thanks for stepping by and leaving this comment!
      I felt tired of reading all these success stories and wanted to add a new point of view. Blogging shouldn’t be all about money because then I think it’s hard to enjoy what you’re doing!
      Someone in a post suggested that most of these bloggers who make money so quick won’t tell you that that’s their 2nd, 3rd etc try. They probably already had a run before and learned from all their mistakes and everything you can learn through blogging for traffic. I used to have blogs but never wanted to make money, I didn’t even really care about the traffic other than I wanted it – I didn’t think about it as a business I wanted to do. So I consider myself completely new.

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