How To Become A Nanny (Plus Tried And Tested Tips)

Thinking of becoming a nanny?

Love kids and want to spend more time with them and get paid well?

nanny and toddler

Then, a nanny job must be absolutely inviting to you. Let me tell you a secret – most nannies are doing the job for the great money – and soon they realise it’s not even that great.

Don’t get me wrong, 12-15 pounds an hour in London is a good wage, but in most cases, you will get to know the harder way that it’s more complicated and requires much more responsibility than you thought.

What about very young kids? Underlying special needs care? Age group specialties? Out of the blue shocking questions? Allergies?!

frustration question research

You can count on all of them, so becoming or being a nanny for the money itself won’t worth it in the long run.

If you have a passion for kids, however, and you want to put your knowledge into use, then you are on the right path and nannying can be the perfect choice for you!

What’s the difference between a nanny, an au pair, a babysitter, and a childcare provider?

To explain it simply, a babysitter looks after kids occasionally, when the parents want to go out or a couple of hours a day every week or less often.

An au pair is usually from a foreign country.

They move in with the family, and for having a room they live in for free and food, they look after the kids a certain amount of hours a week and they get paid pocket money.

A childcare provider is a professional that looks after a limited amount of children at their own home or setting, all regulated by the law.

A nanny is a professional that looks after the children at a family’s home a couple of days a week or 5 days a week, and with their previous studies and knowledge guides the children and helps their development and wellbeing. A nanny can be live in or live out.

How can you become a nanny?

Working as a nanny have several aspects and expectations from both sides (yours and the family’s).

interview references


In my experience, the most important is the references you have.

Once you pass a face to face interview the family is willing to overlook bits and pieces of missing things they require if the referee they contact gives you a brilliant recommendation.

For this, you need to be very good at what you’re doing and need to sell yourself well during the interview. This is another aspect, but you can get started and over time, you can become better.


It is very important to have a professional CV that you can send or hand to the family.

Like with any other job, this is the first impression they will have about you.

Tip: Don’t use photos on your CV! In the UK, it can be more harmful to you to have a photo on your CV than good. If you contact them on a social media platform or a website dedicated to finding a nanny, make sure you have pictures there that present you well!

Paediatric First Aid

In my experience, if a family doesn’t ask for any special qualification, they will definitely ask for a Paediatric First Aid.

This is inevitable for them to make sure their child(ren) is/are safe in your care.

Background check

This is the late-called CRB check, which now is DBS – Disclosure and Barring Service. This is a criminal record check, and as such, also inevitable to be successful in finding a family to work for.

Tip: You can apply through, or an agency. Make sure you check the price of their service and compare it to other agency fees!

Check the validity on your certificate once you receive it -but bare in mind that most parents and agencies want you to remove your DBS check every year – don’t worry, they have a yearly renewal service for a better price then submitting it over and over again!

qualification achievement


It always looks nice if you have a qualification in childcare.

This shows parents that you truly care about your profession and not just someone who wants to make good money.

Even if you’re just starting out, you want to look professional!

Don’t worry, however, if you didn’t take a course yet!

Think about your previous studies, and try to search through courses you did while you were at school, maybe there is something there you can mention in your CV, even if you don’t have a certificate of it!

OFSTED registration

OFSTED is Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. A lot of parents and agencies want their nanny to be registered, however, it is NOT compulsory!

You can get a nanny job without being OFSTED registered, however, you become more employable once you are.

Tip: Apply to jobs that specify you need an OFSTED registration, and let the parents know you’re ready to undergo the process!

In a lot of cases, parents are willing to pay for your registration if they find that you are the right match for them.

If they don’t offer, there is no shame in asking if they would!

That’s that, the most important requirements you need to provide at an interview to become a nanny.

think outside the box

But what if I don’t have all of them?!

I hear you there, trying to jump into a new profession which is truly rewarding in many aspects. If you don’t have all the necessities listed, there’s still no reason to panic!

Doing a Paediatric First Aid course really is a day or two of a weekend. There are even online courses you can take to get it done!

A DBS check takes a couple of weeks, but again, you can find a family who is willing to employ you temporarily until you get it done. The most important is to apply for it as soon as you decided that this is the profession you want to be doing!

References are a tough base, but not everything is lost if you don’t have any!

If you did some babysitting when you were a teenager and still in contact with them or you can reach out to them, that’s useful! If you were an au pair before, ask your host mum to give you a reference, that is also perfect.

Tip: Reach out to a friend of yours who has a child or more, and offer her to help in with their needs for a reference. You don’t need to think of full-time care for free, simply meet up a couple of times, play with the children or take them out somewhere, she will be grateful for your help!

Still feeling like you’re lost, don’t know where to start and not confident if your CV and application will stand out, or need further help for an affordable price?

Read my services in the Work With Me! section and get in contact with me, I’m sure I can help you get there!

Ever wondered what it takes to become a nanny? Always wanted to try childcare? Raised your own kids and thinking you could do this as a profession? Want to help other mums out by looking after their kids? In this post, you can read how to become a nanny, plus tips I've tried and working. Share with others! #nanny #childcare #babysitting #howtobecomeananny #tips

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