New Year’s Resolutions I WON’T Make (And The Ones I’m Going To Keep)

Here we are, end of 2018. The last day is definitely a call for celebration, a reason to recollect this year’s memories.

This wasn’t your year, no matter how hard you tried. You thought you’re going to nail it, but instead, you failed it. You’re standing there with a glass of champagne in your hand, in the shiny dress you bought for this occasion and count back from 10. As the seconds go by and the numbers decrease, you feel like you want to cry.

You hit 5, and suddenly, some newly found power rushes through you.

In 5 seconds, it’s going to be a New Year! A Brand New Opportunity. Capital B, N, O. 2019 is going to be YOUR year! You can’t wait for it, you reach 1, and shout out to the crowd, hug some people around you, and then straight away, start dreaming of how this is going to be your year. You make a list.

Maybe this list looks like mine used to. I am an absolute dreamer, I love imagining the future and daydreaming all the good things that await me. But I am not that strong with keeping my focus, so I failed, just like you did, over, and over, and over again. I didn’t lose the weight, instead, I gained weight. I invested in a stay at home opportunity, but couldn’t be patient and gave up. I failed many work online and small business ideas I started over the years because I was unable to keep the prize in front of my eyes.

I lost my job, I was stressed while looking for another. I had another job, I didn’t have time anymore to sell on eBay. I had family issues, I needed the money to help my parents, my partner, my friend. Sounds familiar?

Let’s look at that list we usually make, together, maybe I can give you some ideas on how to make them possible. You know, this new year, 2019.

lose weight scale

1. I’m going to lose weight and get skinny this year!

This, I won’t make. I used to, but not anymore. I’m going to keep a resolution instead about self-respect. I’m not talking about accepting myself the way I am AND not wanting to change anything, no. I’m talking about finding out who that beautiful person inside of me is, getting to know her better, fighting her demons and letting her be strong and weak, and being okay with it. Accepting I’m not a superhuman, I am only human. I will rise and I will fail, but I’m going to stand up over and over again, and get closer to who I really am. I’m going to give the care and respect to this person, whatever it takes. And I am going to let her make mistakes.

eat healthy salad vegetables

2. I’m going to eat healthy!

No, I won’t be vegan all of a sudden. I won’t go paleo, keto, low carb, whatever the popular trend is.

I am simply going to eat more vegetables. I am going to search and make the recipes and dishes I like healthier. Less sugar or no sugar, less fat, less dairy. Wholemeal instead of white. Gluten free when I feel like my body is on the wrong path. Chicken breast instead of steak, mozzarella instead of cheddar, put mushrooms and courgettes and tomatoes into the food I make. I’m going to bake instead of frying – but I am going to let myself eat something I really would like every now and again, but not every day! I am going to make eggs in the morning WITH sliced cucumbers on occasions, instead of picking up a sandwich meal-deal from the supermarket.

fun exercise sport

3. I’m going to exercise every day!

Nope! I am not going to do that. First of all, the body needs rest, 1-2 days a week at least. Second of all, I would just give up after 2 weeks tops.

I am, however, going to spend some time looking up some sports and exercises I’m interested in. I’m going to try them, maybe for a day or two or more, and I’m going to choose the one(s) I like. I will alternate them in case I need it to fit my daily life and start slow. I will do it once a week, or twice, and I will enjoy it, even if it hurts. I will make it a habit slowly, and if I feel like I got tired of it, I won’t be afraid to try something new. Slowly, but making it a habit, reaching the point where when I don’t do it, I feel like I want to do it. My body is the only place I can live, so I will respect it and listen to it, and follow its ways to an even happier place!

hobby knitting wool

4. I’m going to learn a new skill or find a new hobby!

I’m the type of person that gets very excited very easily when something new interests me. I jump in, full on, knowing much about it, and then when the difficult times come, I quit.

This year, I will be smarter than my excitement. I will lead my excitement. I’m going to rather spend time on the things I know I already love (like writing, reading, acting) and work on setting up goals in them, staying focused, learn more and more about them, or simply do them regularly. I will find ways to motivate myself, and I already know if I lose them, I will keep coming back to them as I’ve done so over the years – so I will figure out how to find my way back to them faster.

friends and family together

5. I’m going to spend more time with family and friends!

Let’s face it, 1 day lasts 24 hours. Even if you stretch yourself to the fullest and go over the top, this won’t change. And if you’re lucky like I am, you have a lot of important people in your life you’d like to know of, keep closer contact with, spend more time with.

Sometimes, it seems impossible. We fail, we blame ourselves, and we do this while we should be focusing on them and the time we are actually spending with them.

So instead of this, I will give more attention to my family and friends. I will make sure that when I am with them, I will be present. I will deal with work, business, or phone calls another time unless it’s super urgent. I will figure out ways how to make the time we can already spend together more special, more memorable, to serve ourselves better. I won’t complain so much, instead, I will listen, and cheer up. I will have fun with my friends and family the way we like to share our time together!

Do you think I’ve left something off the list? Let me know in the comments!

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