5 Ways to Genuinely Enjoy the Holidays while Pregnant

Hey, fellow mummy-to-bes!

How are you doing? Christmas crazy is dying down?

18 weeks was a charm for me, I got the nicest Christmas present from my twins inside: I’m finally not sick anymore! 🙂

But because this all happened during Christmas, I had to come up with a plan to survive, and I’ll share it with you, as it is useful for the New Year’s Eve and other holidays too.

candle gift present idea

1. Don’t overstress yourself about presents!

This is the number one for any occasion. Birthday, Baby shower, Wedding celebration, Easter, Christmas, or any other occasion that you’d give a present for – just take it easy! There are many creative handmade gift ideas on Pinterest you can hit up, just do a search and choose something nice.

Not crafty? Give something fun that can be done by two or more people. Better yet, give something you can do together – people will appreciate your time and effort. Don’t forget to take pictures for the memories!

Not feeling like going out for an escape room? Try to figure out what they like, what they would really need or be happy for. Find out their favorite tea flavor, give them a mug of hot chocolate powder, choose a great candle that will make their living space nicer. Add a card with some personal lines inside that they will definitely remember, and you will be the star with it!

Your purse will be forever grateful if you go for something creative instead of expensive. So as your coming baby!

simple decoration

2. Keep decorations simple!

I’m in a situation where I don’t have kids yet, only the ones inside, so I really just do everything for my spouse’s and my own satisfaction. This means a small Christmas tree with a couple of ornaments in one corner of the living room. I made sure it’s not blocked from the view by anything, so whenever I come into the room, I always get cheerful. Other than this, I fill the house with Christmas music whenever I feel like, and that is enough for us.

If you already have kids, make decorations together – supervise their projects! You can put up your feet and rest while they have fun with creating their own, long lasting ornaments and keepsakes, and don’t forget – Pinterest is a never ending gold mine for ideas. Make it simple, so they have fun and they like the outcome more, and you (hopefully) need to clean less after them!

party food

3. Let someone else host a gathering this time!

Your family and friends can surely understand that you’re not in the mood and in that part of your life at the moment where you can or want to stand in the kitchen for a whole day and night. Let them invite you over, or offer to go over yourselfwarning! Only do this with people you truly trust and know they won’t mind! Otherwise, you might never hear the end of it.

We went to my sister-in-law’s place on 25th, which was very nice because they live quite far and have a younger daughter, also no car – so it was really just much easier and simpler for us to go, especially because we don’t have the occasion to do this very often.

I called her a couple of days before and asked if they needed anything, and what drinks and desserts they like – I also gave them some nice traditional dessert from my country, which I ordered from someone else to make. They liked it, it was personal and nice, and I didn’t have to bother with it.

We packed up a couple of bottles of drinks, some presents for them and some desserts, and the things she needed on the day – she called us, we have a very honest, non-judgemental relationship, and off we went.

For the next day, I went to see friends who I also didn’t get the chance to meet up with lately because I was constantly sick, and did the same things about food and drinks. I didn’t have to cook much, yet we had lovely meals and great company. Also, nobody had to see the not-fully-sanitized house!

christmas cookies

4. Eat whatever you feel like and you can!

There are not many things worse than an upset stomach while you are pregnant, so just eat whatever you feel like with moderation. If you’re lucky, you will know when it’s enough anyway because you will get the signs from inside. Don’t be afraid to reject the twentieth offer of ‘one more slice’! You will be happy the next day that you did so, even if this means that someone will sulk for 5-10 minutes over it.

calm celebration

5. Don’t stay long!

If you don’t feel like being there, or out with others for a long time, just try to warn them beforehand about this fact, and don’t feel guilty – leave when it is suitable for you! Your comfort with the growing human inside is more important, and they really should understand.

This is my top plan for New Year’s, for example. I already told my friends I won’t be staying late, and I’d like us to spend the day together rather than the night, and they totally understood. My energy level is much higher during the morning and early afternoon, and there will be plenty of New Year’s Eve to be out and about (at least in a couple of years when the kids can also stay up long enough).

How did you celebrate this year? Any more survival tips? Make sure you share it in the comments!

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