Blogging for Beginners – from a Beginner

I was lucky enough to get the chance from a fellow blogger, McKayla from Motivation for Mom to test her course, Blogging for Beginners. This post shows only my opinion, it is not the creator’s wording.

1. Enrolling

It is very simple to sign up for this course, all you have to do is press the “Enroll” button and follow the instructions to then get an email with information about how to enter the site where you can find the lessons. Really-really easy.

2. Introduction

My first surprise was when I entered the course, that I found out it’s not only written materials and links to websites that are useful, but actual video lessons which makes it all much more personal and friendly. McKayla’s personality is very nice, and she tells everything you need to know: what the course is about and where you can find extra helpful links and sheets to print out for your personal use.

Tip: Access the course from a computer or laptop, to make sure you can easily print out the sheets that you can find under each lesson. I tried it from a tablet and from my phone, and it didn’t work.

3. Quality of the videos

It is clear from the first sight that a lot of thoughts and work went into creating this course. The videos are not too long or not too short, and absolutely informative. You can hear everything clearly, even with the little background noises in some cases- but anyway, we are not video masters you can say, which is absolutely true, but you might decide later on in your blogging journey that you would like to create video content, for which it’s good to know the absolute basics.

4. Quality of the lessons

As a new blogger, I got many useful tips and tricks and learned a lot from this course. The topics go through how to build a successful website writing a blog, and highlights how crucial it is to start on the right path so you won’t lose motivation. Starting a new blog is hard and it’s extremely important to learn the basics of how to get traffic onto your blog and how to keep your followers – even if you’re blogging as a hobby and not planning to make a living from it.

The two vital elements I learned and took with me from her lessons- if I can name the two most important- are that learning SEO is the base of success and that Pinterest is the best social platform to grow the number of your readers.

There is simply no traffic without SEO, without finding the right keywords and putting them into the right places on your site and posts, which she tells you much more about and gives tremendous help with the extra video links of what sites you can use to help your work. I definitely want to learn more about it to help my own journey get to where I’m going faster and with fewer downfalls.

Pinterest is not something I used until now, I must admit. I knew about it, and occasionally I looked up ideas on it, but I never thought of it as a tool to help to make my blogging journey a successful one. Of course, there are many other factors, but McKayla made me realize it’s really important to learn the use of Pinterest, and how I can make my site seen by a lot of readers with its help.

5. Price

I personally found the price a tad high – but I am starting out with the thought that I want to invest the least amount, even if it means that I will get where I’m going later. In general, I don’t think 18 dollars is a lot to get all this information and knowledge, I just don’t feel like I’m in a rush, I don’t mind if I will only be able to make money blogging in a years time.

Whoever wants to go on the fast route make money from home by blogging will definitely learn a lot from this course, so I honestly recommend it!

What course did you take to help your blog becoming a success? Share in the comments!

#review about Motivation For Mom's course - Blogging for Beginners: the ultimate guide to starting a profitable blog. This course helped a lot to me in understanding the early stages of #blogging and #seo


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