The Ultimate Guide to Survive the Sick Weeks while Pregnant


Hey, fellow human-growers!

Is anyone else sick like a dog?

I’m 15 weeks 4 days pregnant as of today, expecting twins. I’ve been sick practically from about week 5 – that’s almost 3 months of nausea, dizziness, lack of energy and of course, throwing up random places random times.

Although I might be the lucky one and only experiencing severe nausea not vomiting (this is called HG or hyperemesis gravidarum and if you can’t keep food and liquid down please, please, please, contact your doctor!) I had to get off buses and trains, I’m always carrying at least 2 plastic bags with me when I need to travel and I also had to call my husband to pick me up a couple of times because I was feeling so down.

Sounds similar? I know exactly what you’re going through, and in this post, I will share you my Ultimate Guide to Survive the Sick Weeks while Pregnant.

1. Try all the natural remedies and keep track of what works for you

If you suffer from sickness, I’m sure you’ve already hit up google and checked what you can do to make this period bearable.

Here are what I’ve tried during the weeks:

  • Put lemon juice in water – this was my most successful “go to” between week 6 and week 10. At that time, I couldn’t drink plain water, not from the tap or from bottles, so adding a little bit of lemon juice helped me stay hydrated (among other drinks which I will list) and also I usually felt less nauseated. It’s also very healthy to drink water with lemon juice!
  • Acupressure bracelet – this was my second favourite. I usually put in the bracelet as soon as I started feeling sick and 10 minutes later it was all gone! Sadly as the weeks passed by, it worked less and I had to come up with other ideas.
  • Caffeine free coke – now I know this is not the healthiest choice, but during the time I couldn’t drink water this was a life saver for me (and then eventually I threw up once after drinking it and since then I can’t even look at it…)
  • Crackers – I’ve only tried it a couple of times during early pregnancy, but it didn’t work for me – most women swear on it, though, worth giving it a try! Keep a pack of crackers next to your bed and before you get up every morning, eat a couple of them.
  • Ginger – I tried biscuits and tea and candy – did not work for me at all, once the tea made the nausea even worse, but when I talk to anyone this is the first thing they offer as a tip, so must be working for loads!

2. Try and avoid traveling

This is something I couldn’t do. I live in London and work as a nanny, with two families. I had to travel by bus and train around 3 hours daily…

So what did I do to avoid traveling?

Well, I decreased my hours and days with the families to survive, and as many times as possible I asked my husband to drop me by car. Uber is also a great help, but pricey, especially with my income falling out.

At the end of the day, the most important at this time is you and your baby. Go to your doctor and ask for some time off work if you can!

3. Let the tiny human dictate from inside as many times as possible!

My life totally turned upside down since the babies moved into my tummy. I can’t eat, I can’t drink, I’m doing everything in slow motion and walking hurts! Physically and very often! So what I do is, I eat when I can, what I can, and same with the drinks…

The biggest change, however, is that my days totally changed. I usually wake up between 2-4 in the morning, and around 3-5 pm, I fall into bed like I haven’t slept in a week.

On the days when I can’t do this, I face a horrendous sickness. Unbearable, with vomiting and all, so I had to totally change my lifestyle.

4. Eat what you can when you can

Now, this is one topic that is very important and I’d like to highlight that eating healthy and often a day is super important.

I can’t do it, though.

My first and most loved food this time is the toasted sandwich, we have this sandwich maker and I usually eat 1-2 of them early morning (you know, when I wake up at 3 am) with butter and a slice of chicken breast and some cheese. I do this since about 8 weeks now, and it always helps and gives a good start of my day.

Other than this, I usually can only eat fast food. Most of the times I feel too exhausted to cook, and anything I think of just doesn’t spark hunger and cravings, so I have about 2-3 types of Chinese food I like and still enjoy (a soup included, that is something I want to eat almost every day lately!) and a very nice kebab with chicken and lamb, and very rarely, a burger. That’s it.

I try to always come up with ideas to make these healthy, I usually eat slices of cucumbers with the sandwiches, and eat a mandarin at least once a day! Apple, grapes and sometimes banana and strawberries also on my list. I order my Chinese with rice and broccoli chicken or chicken with mushrooms – it’s not the best of course, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.

5. Orange and cranberry juice

These juices are both very beneficial. Cranberry juice can clean us from the inside and help avoid infections in those areas down this 40 weeks where we really don’t want to get any diseases, and orange juice helps with nausea and also with number 2.

What is your tip, what helps you survive the sickness period? Tell me in the comments!

In this blog post, you can read about the tips and tricks that I know of and worked for me to survive this challenging time. #pregnancy #morningsickness #tips #guide #pregnancytips

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Survive the Sick Weeks while Pregnant

  1. When I had this I did some research and came to believe a lot of HG stems from lack of magnesium. So I took Epsom salt baths, drank CALM at least once a day and sprayed myself regularly with magnesium spray (oil) and I felt nearly normal again.

    1. Hi Rose, wow, this is really great advice, thank you! I know in some countries doctors highly recommend magnesium, which, as you say too, seems to be very beneficial. I’ll give it a try!

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